A three year old child is very tender and innocent. Leaving mother’s or grandmother’s loving embrace is not easy for him. He is highly curious and wants to play with children of same age but he has some fears too .

A Child’s maximum growth takes place in first six years. It is in these years that children develop their five senses, refine their eye-hand coordination and furnish their fine and gross motor skills. The environment, opportunities and the exposure that children get in school in these six years, go a long way in shaping their attitude towards everything in life and hence lay foundation for a cheerful personality. We gladly say that Springdales preschool is the second home for our tinytots. Our curriculum is totally child centric, emotionally supportive, culturally rooted and holistic. It aims at the complete grooming of our students by nurturing their listening and speaking skills, confidence building by plethora of activities, giving wings to their imagination by story narration, imparting moral values and enriching English vocabulary. We aim at making learning a fun process for our preschoolers by not restricting academics to mere books. All four pillars LSRW –listening, speaking, reading and writing are strengthened in preschool to ensure a smooth leaning experience in higher classes.

Two years of Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and online classes have brought about a revolution of digitalization in education sector. It is important to make our students technophilic from very beginning. We have developed a highly effective and child friendly audio-visual study material for smart classes. Highly qualified and trained staff is fully equipped with all the modern tools of teaching.

Having closely observed the preschoolers’ development pattern in past so many years, I strongly recommend a strong Parent-Teacher coordination to take out the best in our tiny-tots. Neither teachers nor parents alone can bring up responsible and successful citizens. Parents must spend at least two hours daily with their preschool children helping them in completing daily homework and reading story books. If we succeed in doing this in early six years, trust me children will develop a very good habit of self-studying and they will never feel the need of going to a tution even in higher classes.

I welcome you to be a part of Springdales family. Let us together help these tender little buds bloom into beautiful strong flowers and spread the fragrance of their success in the whole world. Let us give them wings to fly and values to stay rooted.





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