We teach students how to think and expand their thoughts beyond the horizon...

Primary- preparatory education in classes 2nd to 5th is the formative stage of formal learning and developing the student’s thinking process. After the first four years of critical Fundamental pre-school experience that bring the most rapid changes in the life of a student, the student comes to my team for 4 years Preparatory education.  Preparatory education fosters learning process and focuses on strategies which assist students in developing their creative and critical thinking.

We, at Springdale’s have a well-designed curriculum to fit individual needs, tailored to suit age, ability and aptitude. We make our students understand that what is taught to them can be applied to the world at large. Our teachers pay individual attention to students helping them deal with their specific learning needs and language skills. We develop and implement classroom rules to teach students about desired behavior.  We emphasize on developing basic academic and athletic skills and inculcate self-study habits in students. We assess the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of students and help them accordingly. Principles of good conduct, responsibility and efficiency are taught during their time with us. We focus on involving parents in building their child's individual growth. We believe that our school team and parents working simultaneously can make a difference in the student's life. Apart from formal education children are taught games, music, art and craft, computing and other co-curricular activities inculcating habits of working in a team. There are 15 hobbies for a student to pick up from for compulsory hobby periods. The teachers and students select a student council in class V, which helps foster leadership qualities, sense of responsibility and discipline amongst students.

In the age of globalization and technological advancement we are preparing children to thrive in future. We try to build competence for 21st century while preserving our values.

My team dwells on laying foundation for all-round student development. Besides the numeracy and literacy skills, our students become capable to analytically decide between right and wrong. We help them develop skills to communicate effectively. Our children work well with teams and take responsibility for their actions.  Our curriculum is based upon a well-rounded learning program. Students are given a solid broad base for their secondary education. They are nurtured to be cooperative, have a helping attitude, genuine concern for all human beings and to develop in them a secular and cosmopolitan outlook.

We accept our responsibility gladly and with great pride. Your belief in us is our driving force...I invite you to the beautiful journey of helping the young ones become a better version of themselves; by becoming their guide and mentors.

Rachna Sharma


Primary Wing

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