Vision & Mission

Springdales is a completely secular institution that instills into its students a deep regard for Indian traditions and customs. The school believes in exposing children to diverse faiths and beliefs so that they may become responsible, cultured and dedicated individuals.
It is therefore the primary aim of Springdalians to strive to bring out the best in themselves, not only in academics and sports arena, but more so in their character. Since children spend their formative years in school, the environment in which they grow up is of tremendous significance. At Springdales we seek to develop a sense of values, commitment and devotion in each student, and we seek to create an atmosphere of honesty,of intellectual curiosity essential to the unfettered blossoming of a young mind.
While inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition among its pupils and giving them the highest in academic study, the school aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and a spirit of service and fair play It is one of the objects of the school to train its students to become men and women of strong character, high principles and a sympathetic outlook. It also aims at instilling in them a spirit of comradeship and a sense of unity of India to overcome social, communal, provincial and even linguistic prejudices. Its special characteristic is the wide range of activities with the idea of developing all round personality.
While satisfying the usual curriculum requirements, the school aims at developing a tolerant, balanced, independent attitude of mind, a spirit of service to the country and a desire to help in practical ways. A sense of importance of health, a well-directed home life as well as a right attitude to any manual labour is encouraged.
School life gives the experience of living in a community; hence self-discipline and the spirit of co-operation forms the basis of Springdalian’s life. Every opportunity is given to the pupils to acquire the values and beliefs that will guide them throughout their life.

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