Science Lab

Our labs are well equipped with various apparatas and working models. Children visualize through working models, the concept being taught to them in theory. The practicals are conducted right from basic level ( VI std) to higher level (XII std) so that children know proper handling of apparatus and can maintain the record of each experiment done in their Lab Manuals. We have separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where students are exposed to the facts that lie behind the theory, they read in their respective science classes.

Physics Lab

Our physics lab has all latest instruments related to electricity, sound, light and many more which enable the students to get the concept of Physics. We have sufficient number of Lenses, Mirrors, Magnets, Official benches, Sonometer, Potentiometer, Meter bridge etc. in our lab. In general, student to apparatus ratio is 2 : 1.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all precautionary measures against any eventuality. Advanced network of gas connectivity is given for safe handling of the experiments.

Each seat is provided with Raegent shelves, Sinks and Water taps, sufficient storage space catered for in a well ventilated room. Special provision exists for weighing balances, required for many experiments by students.

Biology Lab

Our Biology Lab is well equipped with number of specimens, advanced microscopes like compound and dissecting which enable students to understand basic anatomy of life forms.

After visualizing specimen students correlate existence of biodiversity. We also have Haemometer and Haemocytometer by which students measure % of Hb ( Haemoglobin) in their blood and can count no. of RBC by preparing slides. Presence of human skeleton enables even small children to understand the concept of body movements. Theory of evolution is best understood by knowing anatomy of various specimens from lowermost plant algae to highly evolved angiosperms. Our teachers use all these equipments mentioned above in their class rooms for explaining theoretical portions, whereas in Labs, main emphasis is given on self performance rather than demonstration by teachers.

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